Kimberly White, CCC Executive Director, named Women of the Month by Women in Business



Kimberly White is the Executive Director of the Community Career Center

Q:  How did you get involved in helping people in career transition? 
A:  When we moved to Naperville in 2005, I knew I wanted to find volunteer or find work with a not-for-profit organization. I had spent several years working with soldiers transitioning out of the military so working at the Community Career Center was a natural fit!
Q: What are the three top skills to successfully lead an organization?
A:  Trust – Developing a culture of trust is extremely important to a successful organization and helps to promote respect and loyalty by all members of the team.
Personal Example – Don’t expect something out of others that you aren’t willing to do yourself.  Own up to mistakes… 
Relationship building – Take time to get to know your team and have a finger on the pulse of what their personal and professional needs are.

Q: What advice do you say often those looking for a job? 
A:  Be prepared to share your “story” in 30 seconds or less.  Most people are always in a hurry so “perfecting” your story/elevator speech is important to ensure you don’t dominate the conversation when networking. 
Be succinct when answering questions in an interview.  Share no more than what is being asked. 
Be prepared to share your faults/weaknesses.  We all have them so be prepared when the question is asked. 
Do your homework on the company you are about to interview with. This will help you to stand out from the others… 
Q: What advice would you give for other women in business?
A:  Find a mentor – a trusted person you can go to for advice, guidance and support that will challenge and encourage you throughout your career.  
Create work/life balance...and give equal respect to both areas of your life.  I spend so much time at work and attending work related events that when it is time to “shut down,” I’ve learned to do just that!  It is just as important to be a good wife, good mother, good daughter and good friend as it is to be a good worker. 
Q: What gets you excited about your work?
A:  For 20 years, the Community Career Center has been the go-to resource center for job seekers.   I’ve been with the organization for almost 11 years and knowing we have a team of supportive board members, dedicated volunteers and staff who are committed to the mission of the organization keeps me excited and motivated to continue the good work we do to help those in our community looking for “their next success!”   

Q: Whom do (did) you most want to meet in the world?
A:  Maya Angelou
Q: What is the most surprising thing you’ve learned along the way?  
A:  “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou  

Other facts about Kimberly
Married (29 years in July) to her high school sweetheart, Benny White.  Benny is a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel and their move to Naperville in 2005 was their 13 move in 22 years! They have two adult children, son, BJ who lives in New York City and daughter, Logan, who attends college in North Carolina.

Photo by: Sabina Cavalli Photography, a boutique studio in south Naperville that specializes in creating photographic art with you or your favorite people in it. Sabina is a Certified Professional Photographer, has her Masters of Photography Degree and has received top accolades including the Top 10 Imager in Illinois by the North Central District of the Professional Photographer of America (PPA) and National Bronze Photographer of the Year by the PPA. She teaches lighting and posing techniques at PPA affiliates in the Midwest. Please visit her website or call 630-699-2072 for a visit to her studio.

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