The Community Career Center (CCC) offers a variety of diverse resources for individuals in career transiton or looking for professional development. CCC's robust program is inclusive of coaching, workshops, networking and accountability groups, needed for job search and career success.  Join us for an interactive Orientation to learn how CCC can assist you as you create and navigate your plan for fulfilling and lasting employment.  

Orientation is held every Wednesday and Saturday at 9:00am at the Naperville office - 1815 W. Diehl Road, Ste. 900

Orientation is held every Tuesday at 10:00am at the Palatine office - 2401 Plum Grove Road, Ste. 201

Your membership investment of $100, includes individual coaching appointments, workshops (Bootcamp excluded), Job Search Work Team, networking meetings and a professional setting to use as your office away from home. 



CCC NAPERVILLE call 630-961-5665 or stop by the office. 



CCC Naperville Workshop Calendar 

 CCC Palatine Workshop Calendar 

Click Here to purchase the following optional services available to clients on a fee for service basis. 

Individual Workshops, Bootcamp Class, Assessment, Headshot



With varied backgrounds, diverse work experiences, and a wealth of knowledge, CCC's committed and talented team of volunteer career coaches provide the personalized attention one needs for a successful job search, career change or professional development.   


Career enhancing, confidence building and skill based workshops are beneficial to those looking to grow professionally, extend their reach and learn new skills.  Visit CCC Naperville Calendar or CCC Palatine Calendar to RSVP for workshops.


Members are able to utilize the Center's Wi-Fi,  workstations and other resources as their office away from home.  


Studies show job transition time reduces by 1/3 when individuals participate in a JOB SEARCH WORK TEAM. Team members commit to helping one another in job search stay focused on key tasks and be held accountable for getting them the work done!   Attending this group makes the sometimes-difficult job of job searching, easier and more manageable. Visit CCC Naperville Calendar or CCC Palatine Calendar for weekly meeting dates and times.

NETWORKING GROUPS (Membership is not required to participate in networking groups)

Job Club Networking Group - provides a welcoming place where individuals come together to share resources and job search information, learn network strategies / interview techniques, along with encourage each other no matter where they are in their search.  Individuals have the opportunity to give a brief two-minute verbal elevator pitch about their job position and target companies. Bring copies of resume, handbill, and/or business cards to share with others. Wednesdays 10:30-12:30, Naperville.   

Men’s Networking Group - is a monthly networking group for men in career transition to share ideas and resources, discuss the challenges and opportunities, and find encouragement. Each month there is a new topic focusing on career transition in this interactive session and will leave you feeling motivated and encouraged. For men of all fields and transition circumstances.  Visit CCC Naperville Calendar for the monthly meeting date and time.  

Lean In for Women Networking Group - is a group, inspired by the book "Lean In" by Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, where women come together to find encouragement, share ideas, learn/grow together, show solidarity and help each other become their best selves. If you are reentering the workforce, in job transition, starting a business or working toward a promotion, this group is for you!  Visit CCC Naperville Calendar for the monthly meeting date and time. 


The Community Career Center offers a writing service for individuals interested in having a resume, cover letter, or LinkedIn profile created by a certified, professional coach.  Fee starts at $300.  Speak to a staff member if you are interested in this service.