Submitted by Les Balick, CCC Volunteer Career Coach


The very thought of moving on after a layoff, downsizing, or a need for a change in a profession or position is wearisome and often arduous. An essential to avoid becoming solitary and anxious is to keep and cultivate friends, or make new ones by volunteering or getting involved in:

- an organization that has deep meaning for you
- a sports group who may have similar interests
- an alumni business committee from one of your educational institutions
- a professional organization that fits your previous position(s)
- a church program


Even if your financial situation seems dire, you will be casually networking - a much better use of your valuable time versus staring at your work station expecting an instant solution. While most do not use or require personal budgets to review or manage spending and income, this may be the time to take action and understand your situation in depth. Ask for help if this is new territory for you. Avoid guessing about your cash flow and adding to the risk of adding unnecessary debt.


Finding your next position does require a plan, somewhat formal, but holding you accountable to meet reasonable and logical deadlines. Some of the steps should include taking the time to routinely exercise, volunteering some hours each week and socializing to remain active. Becoming clear, crystal clear as possible, about your next significant position is often not an easy task.


The staff and career coaches at the Community Career Center (CCC) are here to help you think beyond the limitations that are often self-imposed and entrenched by past work regiments. All of us have unique qualities through experience, education, and our gene pool. By tapping them all, or most at a minimum, will provide your next career with a more value-added and valuable opportunity to share your talents in serving that business and their customers or clients. That next opportunity is awaiting you if you sharpen your focus, and only look for the business that best fits the rejuvenated you. The “right” company is out there. You just need to find each other.

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