Submitted by: Les Balick, CCC Volunteer

You know that you are special, have positive traits that are unique to you (at least we hope that you know that), and some company truly needs you: to fill an empty seat or replace someone, or take on new responsibilities.  But, it’s possible that you haven’t met each other yet, too.  Finding the next job or career takes on a ‘bloodhounds” characteristics by sniffing out the company that meets and fills your needs, and theirs.

But, and here is the crucial element that you need to realize, you must be considered a “value-added” person to their top and bottom line.  It’s not just about feeling “good” about a position, no matter the profession.  To an owner, President, CEO, Manager, Coach, or Supervisor, you need to be a CONTRIBUTOR, as well.  Knowing the responsibilities expected, having goals to meet, and meeting or exceeding them makes you needed and welcomed.

If you are looking for a “handout,” great benefits, superior working conditions, an automatic raise every year, and having coffee breaks each ½ hour, you are failing to understand what competitive and successful businesses are looking for, each and every year – the you, who understands how contributing makes the difference.

Clarify your search, and who you are and need to be in the next work environment.  It’s the winning proposition.

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