Submitted by Jim Waszak, CCC Volunteer Career Coach


1. Identify your mission, target, vision or goal.  What are you going for?  What do you offer?  Where is your interest/passion?

2. Craft a resume to support #1.  Get help, it is hard to do your own resume well without a good coach.

3. Craft a marketing letter and cover letter.  Get help here too.

4. Set up a contact management system to note who you talked with, when, what was said and most importantly, when to make the next contact or take the next action.

5. Load existing contacts into your contact management system and share your search with them.

6. Identify initial target companies:

A.  Known companies of interest.
B.  Postings.
C.  Library research.
D.  Trade publications.
E.  Networking.

7. Develop contacts at target companies:

A.  People within your existing network.
B.  Research/Marketing letters.
C.  Linked-In connections.

8. Keep your contact management system current.  Note contact dates and results in your contact management system and follow up dates.  Watch company websites for postings.   Stay in touch and stay top of mind.  Send articles of interest, ideas and opportunities to them.

9. Prepare for the interview.  Have your personal story/bio straight and rehearse it.  Have several stories in mind to speak to your successes; rehearse them.  Anticipate questions they might ask and have answers ready.  Rehearse.

10. After the interview, send a business proposal rather than a thank you note.  Be specific in terms of what you understand their challenges to be, and how you can address them.  Then follow up regularly as in point 8.

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