The Community Career Center relies on many in the community who are interested in helping job seekers navigate their job search. As a corporate team or as an individual, your professional background and experience can help others achieve success.



    EMPOWER. The Community Career Center’s mission is to Empower Job Seekers and Strengthen Communities. Since 1996, we’ve been empowering job seekers through our one-on-one career exploration sessions, workshops, accountability and networking groups.



    The Community Career Center connects job seekers to the people and resources that help to end job transition as quickly as possible. Whether it’s through our Job Club, MAP Accountability Group, or relevant workshops, support and assistance is available at the CCC.

  • GIVE


    GIVE. Together we can make a difference. Donations of time, talent or treasure are utilized to help people in our community during a stressful time.

Effective and Successful Job Search at the CCC

The Community Career Center located in Naperville, Illinois provides a supportive and professional setting where job seekers can conduct an effective and successful job search.

Volunteers and staff offer a wide range of technical and practical job search assistance as well as encouragement and support to anyone who is unemployed, underemployed or seeking a career change. In addition, volunteers provide one-on-one assistance with Career Counseling, Interviewing, Job Search, LinkedIn, Networking, Resume and basic Computer skills.